Its the day you are due to leave for RTTS when..

Something goes wrong on the van!

Is it just us? no matter how organised we try to be something allways happens!

Something in the engine was making a very nasty noise!Paul n Ben are on a misison so hopefully in about an hour, we'll be ready to roll!!

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Old Gay Bus Pics..

Got This email today - Thanks for the info & pics Brett!!

"Hello here are the pics of the piano bus in 1996 or 97. I purchased both these buses for 500$ us dollars! Wow how times have changed! Anyways the piano bus was last registered in the 1970's in Jacksonville Oregon and somehow wound up in Applegate. I was told about them in 1994 and was able to get them in 96 or 97 but later sold them to support my travel habit at the time."

Hmmm wonder if that rusty roof is under the paint?

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Bling Barn

Karls community service is nearly done for the week

Pauls on a mission

When the paint fumes get to much, claire gets on the bevvies

And Paul & Karl have a ROCK OUT!


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But only on the floor & walls!

This weeks mission has been to bling up the barn

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Gaybus lower

Now with raised steering box, and boxwagen narrowed beam

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Caddy now at a better height!

Still got a bit more tweaking to do before the new rims go on & it can be proper slammed!

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Tracksuit + Horse = Worrying!

After being hassled by DJ Beaker Paul gives in, and does a quick catalogue pose in 'the tracksuit'

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