'58 Kombi LHD, Raised Steering box (40mm,)Boxwagen adjustable narrowed Beam,Dropped Spindles,CSP Front Disks,Bus Boys Adjustable Straight Axle Conversion,Type 3 Gearbox, 1500 engine,Long Spoon pop outs all round,Front & Rear Safaris (the ones in the picture will be changed as they are from our panel, but will be replaced)ermm what else..Long MOT, UK Reg'd,Needs NO welding, very solid/reliable Van, super smooth slammed ride, Signwritten: Gays Music Centre on the sides (we have discovered they were based in Jacksonville) and Organs, Pianos, Records on the doors

£9995 ovno (roof rack NOT included)

Phone Paul for more details 07838130517

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