'58 Kombi LHD, Raised Steering box (40mm,)Boxwagen adjustable narrowed Beam,Dropped Spindles,CSP Front Disks,Bus Boys Adjustable Straight Axle Conversion,Type 3 Gearbox, 1500 engine,Long Spoon pop outs all round,Front & Rear Safaris (the ones in the picture will be changed as they are from our panel, but will be replaced)ermm what else..Long MOT, UK Reg'd,Needs NO welding, very solid/reliable Van, super smooth slammed ride, Signwritten: Gays Music Centre on the sides (we have discovered they were based in Jacksonville) and Organs, Pianos, Records on the doors

£9995 ovno (roof rack NOT included)

Phone Paul for more details 07838130517

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Minty Mk1 FOR SALE £950

Sadley my lovley Mk1 1500cc Jetta is up for grabs with 1 years MOT for £950 ono, 1 family owned until last year, very low mileage & very good condition with very beige interior!

For more info give Paul a call 07838130517 - can be slammed if required!!

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Paul chats to the Llamas..

Expo is at a great location, theres a farm, a museum, a bar, and lots of things for big kids to do..

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VW Expo in Kent

Spent the weekend Chilling at VW Expo, Horse had a great time!


Matt Keanes Bus

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We are Back!

Well a weekend away, and a computer thats gone mad means we've not many updates recently :(, but heres what we've been up to

The new 'company' car

Bought whilst on holiday! looking very 'company car' parked up next to Bens A reg!

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Matt Keanes new bus...

Looking very cheeky in Volksworld this month!!Glad hes keeping his word and hitting it very hard with the lowering stick!

Looked VERY different when we had it, but we never got the time to get it done

Good work Matt & Bobby!!!!

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Ghia a Go Go

Well i had a nice surprise tonight!!

2 years ago i pulled my Ghia apart cos the gearbox was bust, and bein a proper girl i havent been arsed to put it back together again!Tomorrows our 10th (Tin) wedding anniversay....check my bit of tin! :D

Went for a little drive tonight, MOT booked for tomorrow... excited? Just a little bit !!!!!!!!

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