What a great day out!

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Belgium to pick up our new project!

We had a great day out, and its allways good to make new VW friends!

Vanessa and Laurent have some lovely cars, parts and VW brochures (will post pics in the next few days)

Thanks again for everything, we will be back to visit soon!










The Tinoc tonic van was registered on the 01.02.68 in Austria to Helmut Muschal (the name on the doors!) the registration papers, and Hulmuts business card are still with it!


Tinoc will be ready to roll very soon, theres a few little jobs for the MOT, then all thats needed is to get it slammed to the floor!

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oh the cool i love the bays like what you do. you have so many like me. good bays

Gepost door: bay king | 17-09-06

Are you a bay lord? Can't wait to see the purple over pink flip flop paint job once El Tel has squirted his magic gun at it... Don't forget to ram the back winda with crap stickers and please please don't lower it...

Gepost door: Puple bay croozer | 17-09-06

love the bay loving the bay baby. need to see more of them it's not all about the split. live the dream!

Gepost door: bay dream believer | 18-09-06

the village i'm the only bay in the village

Gepost door: bay tripper | 19-09-06

wise glad to see your making the right move, next you'll be bringing a t25 home. cool bus i can see scooby doo all over it.

Gepost door: bay city roller | 19-09-06


Me and my grandfather (who actually is Helmut Muschal - the former owner of this car) just found this website and are very interested in what has happened to his old car. We would love to hear what you did with it and maybe you could also send us some pictures.

Also it would be interesting to know how and where you got the car, as a relative took the car to Germany and this is the last thing we know.

Hope to hear from you and hope you are enjoying the car!

greetings from Austria

Gepost door: Helmut Muschal | 18-04-10

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