Up the barn this week...

The new workshop is coming along, should be ready to move into soon, its smaller & warmer which means we will be happier when its minus 5 outside!!

Cheers Papa Patina for the Electrics Overhaul!

P1011172 (Small)


Ben made a start on the Beltek welding work

P1011178 (Small)

Paul's been prepping Dan & Julies bus for welding

P1011197 (Small)


P1011200 (Small)


P1011203 (Small)

The Ghia is sold  But the new owner didnt want it narrowed so the beam's come off...

And has now gone on the Oval  which has also had a bit of welding done this week

P1011209 (Small)


P1011220 (Small)

By the time its finished this will be one seriously floor-scraping oval!

P1011221 (Small)


Ian dropped his bay off for some engine TLC


P1011234 (Small)


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