This Week...

I decided that Paul needed a break what with all the mayhem of the workshop moves, so I booked a few days away near Buxton in Derbyshire for his Birthday!

We found a cosy looking farmhouse advertised on the net, when we arrived it had slightley more Patina than expected (& more leaks than a set of repro safari windows!) And was stuck in the middle of nowhere with views for miles!

It was an ace chilled out weekend, and we walked miles.

Spent most of the weekend quoting 'Withnail & I' If you have seen the film, you will know why!




This is the Fuel & Wood situation!


Middle of Nowhere... ohhh yes!



Check that view..


Wicked place, can't wait to go back - altho we may wait for summer, so we dont have to drag the bed downstairs to sleep in front of the coal fire to keep warm lol!

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