More work on Stuarts '55
P1010281 (Small)


and on the Sundial..

P1010282 (Small)


Beltek goes for a blat round the block!
P1010288 (Small)

Who needs Christmas pressies, mince pies n dry turkey we are gonna be having fun spending some time playing with Beltek ready for the New Years shows

P1010283 (Small)

You've gotta love the room in the engine bay on a Barndoor

P1010284 (Small)

Took Tinoc for a little scrape about as well

P1010291 (Small)

and Lees van got some grinder action

P1010294 (Small)


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nice job on beltek...long life together....

Gepost door: boss | 21-12-06

Beltek Hi Boss
We will be back over to Belgium for some shows next year!
See you there!

Gepost door: Paul | 21-12-06

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