Some of todays workshop action..





'55 Panel rear end getting ready for paint



Bens winter daily the Toy'rolla he likes to drive this sideways, and into things!





Just as Dan was about to go home, Paul decided it was about time his bug came down a bit more... Dan looks a bit worried, i think it was the words floorpan & scraping that did it!



So it didnt go quite as low as planned, cos Dan was watching, he'd better not leave his bug unattended or it may drop some more when hes not looking




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Rach's Photos

Heres some of the cool pics Rach took for her Photography project..


buick2 082 (Small)


buick2 003 (Small)


buick2 022 (Small)


buick2 048 (Small)


buick2 053 (Small)


buick2 078 (Small)


buick2 092 (Small)


buick2 104 (Small)


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Ben has been busy re-doing the raised steering box on Beltek and sorting out the wiring


P1010520 (Small)


The Sundial is starting to come together....

P1010533 (Small)


P1010575 (Small)

The last few jobs are nearly done on Chris van, looking a lot better now it has the right tyres on the back, now all we are waiting for now is the DVLA to come and inspect it so it can get a Reg no and tax!
P1010592 (Small)

Rach is doing a photography project about Companies that use the Internet - so she came to take pictures of us, taking pictures (confused? so are we!)
P1010557 (Small)

P1010576 (Small)


P1010601 (Small)


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Nick and Clare came over to pick up Clare's new Jetta...

P1010518 (Small)


Nick tries out the Jetta Camper Conversion option...

P1010516 (Small)


P1010517 (Small)


Watch this space, i don't think it will be staying stock height for long!

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Watercooled Clear out

We are having a barn clear out

2 cars on Ebay this week

MK1 Golf Auto 4 Door - Click here to go to listing




1978 MK1 Metal Bumper Polo - Click here to go to listing 



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Having a sort out of cars in the barns, dug out the Derby, hopefully this one will be on the road this year!

P1010503 (Small)


One polo has now gone...

P1010506 (Small)


P1010507 (Small)


Also been doing a bit more work on the sundial...

P1010509 (Small)


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The final bits are prepared for paint on the Sundial

P1010499 (Small)


P1010500 (Small)


Yet more cutting... and the rear floors are out on Lees bus

P1010495 (Small)


P1010496 (Small)


P1010497 (Small)


P1010498 (Small)


Luckily the chassis and top hats arn't looking too bad!

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