What else?

Our old Gaybus is back for a visit for its MOT

DSC00252 (Small)


DSC00250 (Small)


Beltek now has an MOT and is just waiting to be registered!

DSC00249 (Small)


DSC00248 (Small)


Had a bit of a burn out session to celebrate... but the vieo camera decided it didnt want to work


DSC00264 (Small)


Stuart has been busy removing more old paint off his 55 Double Door Panel

DSC00262 (Small)


Lees bus looses more rust!

DSC00243 (Small)


DSC00244 (Small)


DSC00261 (Small)


DSC00263 (Small)


Yard's getting full!

DSC00254 (Small)


DSC00258 (Small)


DSC00259 (Small)


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