Alert the media..

Polish Karl in Dirty Hands Shocker!

 DSCF0774 (Small)

Check that finger!      A rare thing... Karl with dirt on him

Buses Outside in the sun...

Chris's '57 is ready to go, so is Toms bus, Stuarts 15 is waiting for its new panels to turn up!

DSCF0778 (Small)

Tom sent us over this link to a US music video that his bus is in..word of advice keep the volume down low... very cool to see the bus in the vid but the song is just wrong!


Heres the newest member of the Bus Barn team... 

DSCF0773 (Small)

Kelly started work with us today & shes been busy getting all the wiring sorted on Dan & Julies van.. Good Work!

Tommorrow we'll be back on it again, its starting to look like its nearly ready to roll.

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I like that tune! Is that the UK's very own rikki james in the music video?

(WARNING KIDS)my website is for over 18's and over 21's in some states and mexico.)

Gepost door: meatyspinner | 13-04-07


Gepost door: Paul | 16-04-07

Wrong? If the deviant Medcalf thinks your websites wrong.. im not even looking!
I have no desire to see your mum doing dirty things with a donkey!

Gepost door: Whatttt? | 16-04-07

That's not his mum! maybe his dad and his uncle?

Gepost door: stuart M | 17-04-07

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