Team Bus Barn race bug!

Today we picked up the racebug Lachend

Its a bit of a long story........

We were over at The Paintbox a few months back buying some parts and spotted a bug looking a bit sorry for itself in the field. We spoke to Simon and it turns out it was an old salt flat racer that he, Ian Clarke and Peter Englezos had bought together and imported from America, and to make it even more interesting it held the world speed record for a production bodied beetle.

Its a 1961 and in 1991 was driven by Dan Hucks & Lorenzo Forlano. It broke a 22 year old record by hitting 132mph on the dry lake El Mirage in California. Later they added a small wing (which excluded it from the production class) and it ran a 141.242!

We are seriously stoked to have the chance to bring this bug back to racing, so a huge thank you to Simon, Ian and Peter for letting us buy it

Finger crossed, Euro Bug In 2008 here we come!!!









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