Back Again...

Some workshop action from the last few weeks...

Ben's bus is in for IRS, narrowed beam & raised steering box

DSCF5335 (Small)
The T25 Westie had a checkover & MOT and went off to it's new home

DSCF5323 (Small)
Dan & Julies sundial that we built last year came back for an MOT and check over

DSCF5319 (Small)

The build up continues on Lee's minter

DSCF5324 (Small)

DSCF5331 (Small)

Making a start on John's Samba that's in for resto

DSCF5377 (Small)

DSCF5378 (Small)

And we went to Plymouth Volksfest..



Chez didnt have a lot of luck on his way to the show! His van broke down and then it got struck by lightening!

Luckily after a new generator it was ready to roll again




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