Back Again - new project !

Sorry for the lack of updates, broadbands been down, one of the joys of living in the sticks!

Anyway heres a little taster of our K70 project, we've had this badboy for a couple of years and last year we thought it was about time it had some changes - but then a Tempo Mataor got in the way!

Weekend play was stripping it down, the front end and engine are on the way out and wont be going back in! VW built k70's as the first front wheel drive watercooled car, but we thought rear wheel drive with a super narrowed front end and an aircooled turbo engine sitting on a nice set of rims would be a whole lot more fun!!!

Looking forward to getting on with this.. you may get an update as it comes along.. or we might make you wait and see Knipogen




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