The final bits are prepared for paint on the Sundial

P1010499 (Small)


P1010500 (Small)


Yet more cutting... and the rear floors are out on Lees bus

P1010495 (Small)


P1010496 (Small)


P1010497 (Small)


P1010498 (Small)


Luckily the chassis and top hats arn't looking too bad!

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Steering Box & Brake pipes are all fitted on the Sundial and it's now turned upright ready for everything else to go on..

P1010479 (Small)


P1010481 (Small)


P1010487 (Small)


Rear Floor and cab area is now ready for paint

P1010488 (Small)


Beltek's wirings been having an overhaul

P1010482 (Small)


P1010484 (Small)


This is the selection of extra wires that were removed!

P1010486 (Small)


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Dan & Julies Sundial is now all welded, stonechipped, painted and ready to be fitted up!

P1010471 (Small)


P1010475 (Small)


And Lees bus has more rust cut out...


P1010474 (Small)


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Theres another cool GL5 in the neighbourhood

This one turned up at the barn on Friday & it's nicely slammed




Then it was off to M Restorations to collect Clive's Westy....

Some cars in the yard..





Clives bus...


Paul gets the van loaded, Steveo eyes up the sheep with his can of spray-lube


Ready to go..


Took Chris bus out for a spin, luckily the lane by the barn was closed for repairs.. i think we may  have broken the speed limit!




Back in the yard..




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The '57 flew through the MOT, won't be long now before its off to its new home  

We will have to do some roadtesting before Chris picks it up - what a shame


P1010417 (Small)


Floors are in the Sundial, and now all the weldings done its back on its side again ready for the paint to go on the underside, then its build up and slam time

P1010418 (Small)


& Been chopping out rust on Lees van...


P1010419 (Small)


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Tinoc Pics...

Manni (who owns this blue singlecab) from Germany sent us over these cool pics of Tinoc at Bitburg 2006


bitburg06117 (Small)


DSCF1789 (Small)


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Hit the road !!!

She's very nearly ready to go! (MOT is booked for the tomorrow!)



Chris's '57 had its first UK drive today, Its running sweet as a nut    and it did a good job of terifying the local people in our sleepy Village!!


Heres a couple of vids of it on the move...



Now thats a nice pair of arses (Beltek & the 57) 



All the bus porn got a bit too much for Ben, so he had to be taped up in cardboard and his eyes blocked for his own safety!




Meanwhile Dans been busy getting the Jetta ready for its new home



Beltek & Dans Bug in the yard


The Sundials been tipped back over again so the rear floors can go in..




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