Racks for Sale

2007 is year of the parts clear out, we have way too much stuff and are trying to cut down on barns!!


First up 2 roofracks..


Bay window front roofrack £90


P1010234 (Small)


Split bus rack off Beltek, missing a couple of slats £170


P1010235 (Small)


P1010983 (Small)


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Back at the Barn....

Chris's '57 now has an engine in it, Fire up will be on monday, then it will have its first journey on the UK roads!


P1010359 (Small)


P1010378 (Small)


T4 has a new look for the new year, now on new wheels & lowered

P1010358 (Small)


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Well, its very nearly that time of year!


So all thats left to do is to wish a Very Very Happy Christmas to all our customers!!


And i hope you've been good or Santa may have an extra special present for you!!


Happy Christmas Everyone!


Paul & Claire




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Some cool old pics

Just came across these pics on the computer from 2005

all I have to say is   








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More work on Stuarts '55
P1010281 (Small)


and on the Sundial..

P1010282 (Small)


Beltek goes for a blat round the block!
P1010288 (Small)

Who needs Christmas pressies, mince pies n dry turkey we are gonna be having fun spending some time playing with Beltek ready for the New Years shows

P1010283 (Small)

You've gotta love the room in the engine bay on a Barndoor

P1010284 (Small)

Took Tinoc for a little scrape about as well

P1010291 (Small)

and Lees van got some grinder action

P1010294 (Small)


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more bus work


chris' 57 gets a coat of anker wax ready to face the uk weather


Dan and julies sundial



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Claire and the Blog is back!!!!!

The lack of blog has been due to Blog queen being in hospital, she's now home
& I've been getting some much overdue Bloggin lessons! 



went and picked up stuart days panel,its in for some slamming,raised steering box,csp brakes etc.




Back at the barn.

cant wait to see this cool early double door panel sitting nearer to the floor!!


We decide it was about time we had a body roller,so we made one!!

Good work Ben



Dan and julies bus was the test dummy,and im glad to say it worked fine



Ben gets straight to work and raises the steering box





we have removed all the old running gear ready for the slam.

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